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Passionate engineer in training specialized in mechanical engineering, manufacturing, automation, and robotics. Committed to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.


Electronic Bracelet R&D

Developed a highly versatile and sensitive electronic bracelet used to track wrist motions and gestures related to body-focused repetitive behaviors. The research was supported by the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Health.

Electronic Testing Units

Produced fully integrated, high-density electronic test jigs used for mass-production PCBs of HabitAware flagship products. Reduced the jig footprint by 60% by HabitAware standard. The smaller form factor enabled remote development, which was a critical requirement post-pandemic.

FPV Quadcopter
Adaptive Robot Motions

Developed an advanced robotic ball-catching system utilizing a recursive least squares algorithm for precise ball trajectory prediction. Implemented two sophisticated control laws to enable the robotic manipulator to execute high-speed and accurate movements, resulting in successful ball interception.


Built an agile freestyle quadcopter with an integrated video system for live first-person view capabilities. I gained insights into crucial components like flight controllers, electronic speed controllers, and brushless motors. I delved into the mechanics of FPV drones and experienced the joy of aerial freedom. This project deepened my fascination with drone technology and its potential in robotics and automation.

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